AiNET is led by a team of seasoned executives with a keen sense of serving customers and a passion for problem solving, whether they be technical or commercial in nature.

Deepak Jain, Founder and President

Deepak Jain is the Founder and Chief Executive of AiNET. Since founding AiNET in 1993, Mr. Jain has led it through explosive technological and financial performance milestones while maintaining a strong commitment to best-in-class customer service. Described as equal parts vibrant, passionate and dynamic, Mr. Jain’s management style emphasizes individual thought leadership and ground-up problem solving. His energy has infused AiNET’s unique performance-based culture. In the year 2000, he won the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award for his work with AiNET.

Mr. Jain and the AiNET team are committed to farsighted solutions to the challenges facing enterprises and government at all levels. Today, these include the areas of security, storage, energy efficiency and paradigm-shifting cloud computing. An innovator and holder of U.S Patent 7,962,772 for a solution to a power problem afflicting critical power installations worldwide, Mr. Jain is the author of over a dozen pending domestic and international patents in the areas of power systems reliability, data center efficiency and green energy. With over 12 issued to his name and 90 patents pending worldwide Mr. Jain has worked to solve challenges throughout the electrical engineering, data center, mechanical engineering and telecommunications area.

A Maryland native, Mr. Jain received his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University. Before founding AiNET, he was a senior Internet consultant for Verizon’s Advanced Research Group and worked in Information Systems Security and Information Assurance (COMSEC/INFOSEC/SFA) analysis for the National Security Agency.

Om Bansal, Vice President, Federal & Public Sector

Om Bansal’s experience of more than 30 years spans sales and financial management. He is particularly adept at Project and Program Development in government and corporate settings. At AiNET, Mr. Bansal leads Federal & Public sector programs with a special focus in the DoD/IC communities. Mr. Bansal has developed and implemented technical policies and procedures at all levels to promote business growth and success. He has taught various courses at the university level, including Systems Design and Analysis. Mr. Bansal has an MBA in Management Information Systems from McGill University and an MS in Physics from St. Francis Xavier University.