Message from our CEO


Deepak Jain, CEO, AiNET

I founded AiNET more than 20 years ago with no outside capital or debt. AiNET has continued to be a debt-free, investor-free entity ever since.

We’re focused on longevity, strategy and execution. Unlike our competitors, we make purchases and investments with a horizon of decades, not quarters. We own nearly 1 million square feet of commercial and government data center space outright – no landlords.

We own the largest private dark fiber network in the area. And of course, we provide a world-class, highly compliant, highly regulated set of services based on our own staff and our long history in the space. We are trusted by the highest levels of government, the largest corporations in the world and a number of small and mid-sized companies too.

We routinely sign contracts with public companies that exceed 20 years in length. Our customers sign because they know and understand our stability and vision both historically and forward-looking. We can sign them because we have built a platform of services to manage the most complex systems with the most demanding compliance challenges yet defined.

Our company has no outside stakeholders. No one looking for a return on their money. No disinterested related parties. We are healthy with a sensible internal return on our success. I’m aware of no organization of our size or capability that can make the same claim – most are simply borrowing money until the day they can exit.

We have no view of selling; we do make a few acquisitions per year with no disruptions to our existing customers or relationships.

Based on these values, I’m certain that we can provide you best-in-class service and infrastructure, no matter the size of your enterprise.