AiNET® announces upgrade to Peta10 Cloud Storage System

Following on the industry-leading storage density and feature set of the Peta10™, AiNET has announced an upgraded set of enhancements to allow the Peta10™ to operate in multiple roles simultaneously.

  • As a storage device, the Peta10™ already supports over 1 Petabyte of storage in a single rack. Built-in support for internal RAID6 while simultaneously supporting over-the-network RAIN and synchronous/asynchronous replication are outstanding features at 10Gb/s.
  • As a compute platform, the Peta10™ now supports up to 48x 2.2Ghz AMD Opteron cores attached to 256GB of RAM for the most demanding cloud and collaborative computing applications.

    Most impressively, the Peta10™ can support both the storage and compute roles simultaneously in the same 4U shelf. In a full rack, a Peta10™ solution can provide over 1PB of storage, and over 480 cores or over 1 Terahertz of computing power — all utilizing over 2.5 TB of RAM for deduplication and virtual machine guests.

    Contact your AiNET representative today for more information.