The Maryland-based IT Services innovator continues to grow its privately held high speed fiber optic network in Washington D.C. and expand service offerings to on-net clients.

Washington, DC – August 4th, 2016 – AiNET® expanded its low latency fiber network into 901 15th Street NW Washington, D.C. as the company continues its push to disrupt the internet/ telecom market in the region, providing additional options to businesses, non-profits and organizations in the metropolitan area.

As its network continues to grow AiNET is eager to capitalize on its ISP market penetration and expand the breadth of data center and managed services its existing and future clients choose to entrust them with.

“Organizations that operate in the Washington capital region have extraordinarily unique needs,” explains Michael Fox, AiNET’s regional Vice President responsible for business development. “These folks are doing very complex and important work, analyzing critical data, managing global projects, you name it; but the scope of that work can often overwhelm the existing systems they have in place to handle it. What we are doing is finding synergies, bringing cloud, connectivity, storage and platform, and creating unique solutions as a service that allows our clients to focus on what it is they actually do, with the assurance that the technologies they rely on are meeting and exceeding their needs.”

With AiNET’s network in place, tenants in 901 15th Street find themselves on Washington’s largest, fastest and most reliable private fiber network, connected to network hubs in the District, and AiNET’s series of highly secure, compliance ready data centers located strategically throughout Maryland.

Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of AiNET, believes that the company’s approach can truly help their customers to focus on their core competencies. “At the end of the day, a non-profit that is dedicating to fighting global hunger wants to focus on that thing,” he says. “They want to know their data is accessible internally, secure externally, available remotely, and managed in an efficient, cost-effective way. Our job is to create comprehensive technology solutions that enables their primary mission.”

AiNET continuously adds capacity and infrastructure to its fiber network. This network connects hundreds of Government agencies, news bureaus, commercial and non-profit locations to AiNET’s data centers and the rest of the world. To find out if you have access to our network, call 888-3AiNET3. For more information, visit