AiNET’s 10,000 mile fiber optic network will expand into 1100 New York Avenue NW, Washington DC — bringing higher quality and choice to internet access for neighborhood businesses.

Baltimore, MD – April 8th, 2016. AiNET® announced a network expansion into the NOMA (North of Massachusetts Avenue) neighborhood, connecting tenants at 1100 New York Avenue to low latency, high speed internet access. AiNET’s fiber network will bring high capacity communications to these and other customers near the building and provide an alternative to legacy communications vendors.

With AiNET’s network in place, tenants and businesses in and near 1100 New York Ave will have immediate improvements to their network internet speeds. AiNET’s fiber-route offers high reliability and fault-tolerance, with systems that proactively determine network health faster than traditional systems. This allows instantaneous rerouting and eliminates performance robbing packet loss. In addition, nearby properties and organizations will have the option to tie-in to AiNET’s network, allowing the benefits of the low latency network to grow throughout the neighborhood.

“We are excited to extend our low latency network to businesses in the NOMA neighborhood” said AiNET founder and CEO Deepak Jain says. “As organizations push more of their data and business to the cloud, they are finding more need for low latency and fast networks. We believe in expanding telecom choice because how dissatisfied businesses are with traditional providers.”
AiNET is adding capacity and infrastructure to its fiber network and has been for over a decade. This network will continue to serve Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, AiNET’s data centers and the rest of the world.

To find out if your property has the option to tie-in to AiNET’s low latency fiber optic network, please call (888) 3-AiNET-3 or (301)-931-6574.