Founder and CEO of Maryland tech company AiNET, Deepak Jain, reflects on the challenges and successes of building his company from the ground up.

Washington, DC – November 3rd, 2016 – AiNET’s visionary founder and CEO Deepak Jain is featured in the November issue of Construction Global Magazine, discussing the early days of the business he started in his mother’s basement at the age of 17.  In the pre-internet era, a young Jain understood the potential of business opportunity better than most.

In the article, titled “Solving the Impossible” Jain speaks about AiNET’s inception as a dial-up internet service provider (ISP), its growth into an international business, and its expansion into other areas, becoming one of the world’s foremost data center service providers.  In particular, Jain recalls providing service to Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner of, “We engineered their solution and supported them with our servers right up to the (Yahoo) takeover.”

As AiNET continued to grow, so did the challenge of supporting all of its initiatives.  That’s when AiNET’s flexible approach to a scalable infrastructure-based business led to its portfolio of impressive patents, focusing on power, systems reliability, data center efficiency, and green energy.  Today, AiNET offers over half a million square feet of raised floor data center and technical office space.   In addition, the company owns 10,000 miles of private fiber optic network and directly supports over 25% of the world’s data traffic.

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