In recognition of his technological and community initiatives, Deepak Jain has been nominated for an innovation award by Baltimore

BALTIMORESept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Awards and patents line the walls of AiNET’s Maryland corporate headquarters. Deepak Jain, the founder and CEO of AiNET, has been the recipient of dozens of awards and patents over the years. He has been awarded patents in dozens of countries for his innovations in the data center and internet technology industries. Although, this nomination for Technologist of the Year, by the tech media company Baltimore, “feels different,” says Jain.

“AiNET is a company with tremendously deep roots in the Baltimore region,” says Jain. “The company was founded in 1993 in my home in Columbia, Maryland. We employ dozens of Baltimore residents, operate Baltimore’s largest data center, support dozens of Baltimore companies, and are proudly putting our weight behind free Wi-Fi initiatives in the city. Being recognized for our innovativeness in our hometown is a really rewarding feeling.”

AiNET holds awards in areas as diverse as government contracting, managed services, entrepreneurship, even for corporate diversity. In addition, the company holds patents from the United StatesJapan, the European Union, Israel, and many others.

“As a global company, we see ourselves recognized for our work all over the world,” says Deepak Jain. “But at the end of the day, recognition in your hometown is always going to be the most satisfying.”

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Winners will be announced Friday, Oct. 6, at the BIW17 Innovation Celebration at Mt. Vernon Marketplace.