1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW is now connected to AiNET’s network of Data Centers.

Washington, DC – August 16th, 2016 – AiNET® has expanded its offering of high-speed internet into 1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW, located a mere 4 blocks from the White House, allowing the commercial occupants the ability to upgrade to the fastest and most secure online connection in Washington, D.C. With the connection to AiNET’s lit fiber network comes the added benefit of access to AiNET’s network of data centers and the services available within.


D.C. businesses, non-profits, and government agencies all require high bandwidth, high security, thoroughly designed infrastructures, and reliable managed services. AiNET provides the highest quality of these services available not only in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, but the entire nation.


“We see in the market need for more than just pure internet connectivity,” explains Michael Fox, AiNET’s regional Vice President responsible for business development. “The true value of technology comes in the form of the outcomes it provides, and the business processes it enables. We’re not just connecting clients to the internet: we’re connecting them to the full suite of data center services; enabling crunching of big data, secure data storage, hybrid cloud environments, and fully managed services. It’s not about being connected; it’s about what you connect to.”


With AiNET’s network in place, tenants in 1201 Pennsylvania Ave find themselves connected to network hubs in the District and AiNET’s vast offering of highly customizable managed services. Businesses signed with AiNET have access to incredible connection speeds up to 10 GB/second, patented power redundancy systems, and powerful cybersecurity measures. AiNET’s Washington D.C. fiber line has the added benefit of running directly adjacent to the White House and Capitol.


Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of AiNET, believes that the company’s approach can truly help their customers to focus on their core competencies. “We’re in the business of facilitating outcomes,” he says. “Our customers don’t need technology because they want it, per se. They need these services because they make processes more efficient, or facilitate flexibility, or enable them to go to market faster. Our job is to provide them with the services that get them those outcomes.”


AiNET continuously adds capacity and infrastructure to its fiber network. This network connects hundreds of Government agencies, news bureaus, commercial and non-profit locations to AiNET’s data centers and the rest of the world. To find out if you have access to our network, call 888-3AiNET3. For more information, visit http://www.ai.net/