AiNET meets the demand for more high-speed internet choices in Baltimore City and Washington DC.

Baltimore, MD – August 30th, 2016 – Beginning this week businesses, non-profits, and public entities in metropolitan Baltimore City and Washington D.C. will be able to speed their organization with Internet choice – all part of AiNET’s GOFASTER program.

Michael Fox, AiNET’s Regional Vice President of Business Development responsible for the two cities, says the offer was sparked by demand the company was experiencing within the market.

“We’ve been seeing lots of companies getting beat up on cost by many of the other service providers,” Fox explains. “I’ve seen some of our clients’ bills from their old providers, chock full of service charges, pass-thrus, and fees. Smart, affordable internet access is the lifeblood for organizations today. We know we can provide them more value, higher speeds with our low-latency fiber, and we know we can reduce costs as well. People are asking for an alternative.”

AiNET has a regional, privately-owned fiber optic network, with service in both Washington and Baltimore. Over 10,000 route miles of fiber connect its clients to the internet and AiNET’s network of data centers.

Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of AiNET, is confident the simple approach to internet makes a strong case to 21st century organizations. “We hear what businesses want,” says Jain. “They need high speed and low-latency. They need to get a lot of value for their organization.  They need cost transparency – not a list of fees – to measure the ROI of their services.”

“Technology has become a key of how companies go to market,” Jain says. “Rather than buying tech as a commodity with no promise of return, buy a service that adds value – one that helps streamline process, go to market faster, and reduce overhead.”

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