Expanded suite of managed services, next generation cyber security and world-class connectivity are available in AiNET’s CyberNAP data center in Glen Burnie, MD

BALTIMORE, MD – August 23rd, 2016 – AiNET® has expanded its offering of full stack services within its CyberNAP data center in Glen Burnie, MD. In response to customer demand, the company built significant additional high speed fiber optic cable capacity into the data center which connects to its own private fiber network, the region’s largest. This new connectivity for clients of the high tech Maryland data center is the latest offering in an expanding full stack of best-in-class services that AiNET offers.

In addition to a full suite of carriers and connectivity options within the multi-tenant data center, AiNET offers customers a wide range of technology services, ranging from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) all the way up the stack to private and hybrid cloud environments. All of AiNET’s services are backed by a 100% guaranteed Service License Agreement (SLA), and have access to 24/7 certified expert technical support.


“Most providers see their data centers as just real estate: floor space, power and cooling,” explains Michael Fox, AiNET’s regional Vice President responsible for business development. “At AiNET we believe the true value of the data center is in the processes it enables. We believe that by bundling managed services, cyber security and connectivity with storage and processing, we create real business value for our clients, and free them up to focus on their core business competencies.”

“Customers have been forced by technology development to be their own integrator – building patchwork connectivity, reliability and SLAs into a single solution for business. This distracts them from their core business,” suggests Deepak Jain, AiNET’s Founder and CEO of the changing environment for customers. “Business needs IT that is executed flawlessly and without finger-pointing between multiple vendors the customer is integrating. CyberNAP provides the answer.”

AiNET’s CyberNAP data center is the largest standalone data center in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. with nearly 300,000 feet of data center floor space across multiple stories. It is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. For more information on CyberNAP visit www.ai.net/CyberNAP