AiNET’s Growing 10,000 Fiber-Route Miles Throughout the Central Business District of Washington, DC Will Expand Into 1120 Vermont Avenue; AiNET’s Fiber Network Will Meet the Needs of HFTs, News Bureaus and Other Organizations That Require Low Latency for Analytics, Data Streams and Time Critical Packet Transmission

AiNET® expanded its low latency fiber network into 1120 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington, DC in response to demand for increased performance by tenants and their customers. This expansion is of utmost importance to High-Frequency Traders (HFTs) and the news bureaus that supply their financial data. “The time sensitive needs of these clients and end users inform our strategic expansion of the DC market,” says AiNET founder and CEO Deepak Jain. “We will continue to expand our low latency offerings to stay ahead of customer requirements.

“High frequency traders rely on real-time data. Latency is the time it takes to get it. In order to make better trading decisions, they need information from news desks and other sources at the lowest possible latency. As competition increases, the need for fiber optic connections to critical places grows. This build is just one of many we are in the process of integrating, to help our customers and other capital market participants stay ahead of the competition,” explains Jain.

With AiNET’s network in place, those in 1120 Vermont Avenue will have immediate access to lowest latency routes throughout the District. AiNET’s fiber-route offers low latency, high reliability and fault-tolerance, with systems that proactively determine network health faster than traditional detection methods. This allows nearly instantaneous rerouting and eliminates packet-loss.

AiNET continuously adds capacity and infrastructure to its fiber network. This network will connect hundreds of Government agencies, news bureaus, commercial and non-profit locations to AiNET’s data centers and the rest of the world.

To find out if you have access to AiNET’s low latency network, call us at 888-3AiNET3.