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Federal Networks has become the most important government-wide conference focusing on net-centric solutions to the government’s biggest challenges. Whether it’s strengthening our nation’s defense, defending against cybersecurity threats, or providing top quality care for our nation’s veterans, the government is turning to the next generation of network technologies to ensure mission effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Federal Networks 2011 brings together senior decision-makers from key agencies across the government to share their latest plans for how they will design, purchase and operate their networks as well as the IT services that these networks enable and deliver.

The agency directors know that Federal Networks provides them a direct channel to the senior industry representatives who can mobilize the innovation, technology and talent needed to ensure success in government’s transformation to next generation network infrastructure and services during turbulent times.

AiNET representatives will be on site to discuss our Secure Cloud (SECCLOUD) offerings and advanced datacenter infrastructure outsourcing and consolidation services.

AiNET is the only vendor offering mathematically provable Secure Cloud (SECCLOUD) solutions and wholly-owned Tier-IV+ datacenters and all related fiber infrastructure.