AiNET Extends Platinum Sponsorship of Leading Information Security Professionals’ Convention, ShmooCon 2013

Continued participation in and platinum sponsorship of the leading organization of independent, information security (INFOSEC) professionals highlights AiNET’s expertise and commitment to INFOSEC in its Cloud and Trusted Storage service offerings and physical security in its data centers.

Beltsville, MD – February 14, 2013 – AiNET®, a leader in highly-secure, mission-critical infrastructure and Cloud and Trusted Storage solutions, today announced that for the 7th straight year it is a platinum sponsor of ShmooCon 2013, the annual conference hosted by The Shmoo Group to be held February 15-17 in Washington, DC.

The Shmoo Group is an independent, non-profit think-tank comprised of leading security professionals from around the world who donate their efforts to information security research and development. As in previous years, ShmooCon 2013 sold out in minutes. ShmooCon attendance is limited so that the world-class information security professionals who attend can share insights and ideas on critical information security and information assurance challenges in a setting conducive to thoughtful discussion. This is why the conference is often called “HallwayCon”.

The collaborative efforts of Shmoo Group members, including key management personnel from AiNET, extends into some of the world’s most widely used information security (INFOSEC) software and INFOSEC-focused publications. Some of the most widely-known INFOSEC software to which Shmoo Group members have made significant contributions including: AirSnort, Rainbow tables, Mixmaster, Apache, PGP, Snort, OpenSSL and StackGuard/FormatGuard.

“AiNET has been a longstanding, and important supporter of The Shmoo Group. We remain pleased and appreciative of their continued sponsorship for ShmooCon 2013,” said Bruce Potter, founder of The Shmoo Group and an organizer of ShmooCon 2013.

With founding members of The Shmoo Group on its technical staff, AiNET ensures that its customers remain on the cutting edge of Information Security and Information Assurance. “With the rash of highly-publicized cybersecurity breaches, it is important that organizations know their infrastructure is protected by the best expertise and practices,” said Deepak Jain, president of AiNET. He continued, “Our continued sponsorship of the elite Shmoo Group helps enable this world-leading organization to continue its ground breaking cyber security leadership, education and outreach. This is an important mission for us.”

AiNET’s expertise in secure operations extends to physical security in its data centers. Managing DCID 6/9 and ICD requirements, STC (Sound Transmission Class) specifications, Electronic Emissions (TEMPEST) and physical security standards, AiNET is a leader in the design and construction of data centers for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) use.

About AiNET

AiNET is a leader in design, construction, operations, and technology solutions for Internet data centers and fiber optic networks supporting secure, critical applications. It owns and operates multiple data centers with offerings ranging from wholesale mission-critical space to colocation with connectivity and full, secure cloud and application support services. AiNET’s Federal Cloud services focus on the security needs of Government and public sector clients. Its data center offerings include SCIF space, for which AiNET provides full construction services and unconditionally guarantees SCIF accreditation by any Government agency.

AiNET owns and operates one of the few certified, SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942 Tier IV data centers in the world. AiNET’s technology solutions include the AiNET Peta10, a high-performance SAN system and newly-patented technology, the AiNET Critical Power Protection Supervisor, which protects data centers and other facilities relying on critical power from a class of vulnerabilities. Its 100% service level guarantee protects data center and communications customers. Via its own redundant, diverse fiber optic network, AiNET connects its data centers to major carrier hotels in multiple cities to provide significant communications capabilities and diversity. For more information please visit

AiNET is a registered trademark of AiNET Corporation. Peta10 is a trademark of AiNET Corporation.


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