AFCEA Spring Leadership Awards Dinner 2011

Celebrating Our 2011 Technology Heroes from the Five Armed Forces!
May 19, 2011 – Hay Adams Hotel, Washington, DC

AFCEA DC will recognize a member from each branch of the military that has made a significant contribution to the Warfighter. This recognition will be given to two members (one enlisted and one officer stationed anywhere in the world) from each of the armed services – US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard – and two service members in joint staff positions, who have made a significant contribution to the Warfighter through the use of information technology. Special consideration will be given for decisive bravery.

A 21-Star Panel, consisting of recently retired General Officers, will serve as the selection committee for this program, including:

LTG Steven W. Boutelle (USA, Ret)

Lt. Gen William J. Donahue (USAF, Ret)
VADM Cliff Pearson (USCG, Ret)
Lt. Gen Harry Raduege (USAF, Ret)
LtGen Robert M. Shea (USMC, Ret)
VADM Patricia Tracey (USN, Ret)
Lt. Gen. John L. “Jack” Woodward (USAF, Ret)