With Storage-as-a-Service from AiNET your organization can instantly access data, across a wide array of hardware platforms, anywhere in the world. Our object-based storage supports business continuity planning as well as remote office environments and is highly secure and compliance ready.

Cloud storage creates huge operational efficiencies for our data-heavy clients. Our cloud storage is reliable, accessible, and scalable, designed to grow with your business.

We understand how valuable your data is to your organization. Our mission is to ensure that you can instantly access it, anytime, anywhere.

Storage to Fit Your Business

AiNET’s Storage-as-a-Service solutions bring the power of extreme flexibility – and extreme savings – to your hybrid and outsourced IT ecosystems. Our STaaS infrastructure comes pre-built and ready to be cross-connected into, creating on-demand storage solutions that meet and exceed your timeframes.

Our pay-per-usage model helps our clients save in excess of 50% in operating expenses versus traditional storage models, as well as adding diversity and redundancy to their stack. We eliminate procurement time, as well as technology decision-making time, providing you with scalable and redundant storage that you turn on and off as needed.

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