Baltimore’s Most Reliable, Most Connected Data Center

AiNET’s Baltimore data center, located at One Market Center, is the optimal choice for colocation in the region. Our data center connects organizations all over Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic, with dozens of internet service providers operating in a carrier-neutral environment, to provide the highest levels of flexibility to our colocation clients.

  • Convenient downtown location

  • 7 Floors and ~250,000 sq ft of raised floor and NOC/SOC technical space

  • Every major internet service provider in the Mid-Atlantic inside the building

  • Reliable and redundant power from 4 different grids

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Flex Power

One Market Center is home to dozens of major Internet Service Providers, providing superior cross connection flexibility to clients.

All AiNET data centers support AiNET Flex Power™, the service that brings all benefits of metered power – notably the cost-savings and reliability gains – to AiNET data center colocation customers.

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