Secure your data, from the ground up

Cyber security is mission-critical for business today, and failure to properly secure important data can have real financial impact. As members of the C-suite increasingly recognize that cyber response is an integral part of business planning, more and more organizations turn to AiNET to house their critical data. They recognize that our approach makes their data safer.

We believe cyber security begins at the bottom of the stack – the ground the data center is built upon. We design and build data centers for the highest levels of compliance and security, incorporating the latest biometric hardware and access-control best-practice. At the programmatic level, we design our storage and compute with proactive monitoring and active response. We know how important that data is to your organization, and do what needs to be done to make sure it is always pristine, available, and secure.

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The Value of a Trusted Partner


Your data security represents the trust between you and your clients. Whether it’s customer financial information, patient data, or product specs, your clients trust that their data is secure when they turn it over to you. A trusted partner will help you to keep your clients’ trust.

Though cyber security may seem like a labyrinth of shifting endpoints and threat profiles, a trusted partner will help you navigate. AiNET has been at the cutting edge of cyber security efforts for 23 years, and our time-tested method and approach will ensure your organization is able to move forward boldly even in an era of increasing uncertainty.

Putting your data behind the walls of our highly secured data centers, or in our highly secure cloud environments, allows you to benefit from our expertise, our built-in physical security assets, and our proactive monitoring to keep your data safe. We are trusted by financial firms, government agencies, and many other types of clients with highly sensitive data. Reach out to us to learn more about how AiNET can help keep your valuable data safe and secure.

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