Every organization is unique, and every organization’s cyber security need is unique too. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to protecting your organization’s critical data, applications, and platforms. At AiNET, we know that what’s right for one isn’t necessarily for another – yet many cyber security providers approach the problem that way.

Our cyber security services can be tailored exactly to your business need and specified allocations. We provide diversity, redundancy, and security options across a network of interconnected, highly secure data centers, satisfying the security and compliance requirements of government agencies, financial and healthcare service providers, and every type of organization in between.

With services ranging from physical security, to biometric access, to firewall, and on through IDS and continuous monitoring, AiNET can provide you the exact security posture you require.

Why AiNET?

We have been providing cyber security services to some of the largest and most visible organizations on the planet for decades. Our clients trust us with their most sensitive data because of the unique way we deliver our services.

We bundle cyber security, not as a stand-alone service, but as a value add to traditional data center and infrastructure services. Because we deeply understand your IT ecosystem as a partner, we best understand why, where and how to secure it.

Our cyber security service delivery model provides layers of value to our clients: we improve their security posture, preclude the need for third party vendors, increase the simplicity of management, and reduce liability. To learn more about how AiNET can help your organization protect what’s most important, reach out today

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