High-tech cyber security with the human touch

Our cyber security services blend the cutting edge of monitoring technologies with the decades of experience in cyber possessed by our expert technicians. Modern cyber security threats are designed to exploit vulnerabilities in your system that a program won’t catch, but a set of human eyes will.

Our security monitoring programs keep track of packet flows and the speed of information through your system. When the system detects irregularities, our technicians step in to investigate, diagnose, and remediate.

We’re always watching out for you

Cyber criminals never sleep, and neither does our security team. We keep our NOC fully-staffed 24/7 with our own employees to combat attacks that don’t sleep. Our team is uniquely able to combat persistent threats, DDOS attacks, and many other threat profiles.

By combining machine learning, programmatic network security, secure physical infrastructure, and human monitoring, AiNET is prepared to face the rapidly-changing and evolving world of cyber threats, and to continue to safeguard our clients’ valuable data in the years ahead.

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