New York based cybersecurity firm relocates security operations center to Maryland’s largest Tier IV data center provider

April 6th, 2017– Beltsville, MD – In 2016, cyber security stories made global headlines, and not in a good way. As the number of organizations targeted by malicious outside entities continues to grow, the market is recognizing that cyber security has become a universal challenge, comprising both proactive human monitoring, defensive firewalls, advanced machine learning and high security infrastructure.

From small businesses to transnational corporations to politicians, many organizations are finding their most critical data isn’t as secure as they had thought.

Cybersafe Solutions (CS) understood the evolving challenge many organizations were facing, and had a solution. Their leadership noted that the threat targets had increased from just targeting large enterprises, to now include small businesses and organizations. To meet this changing threat  To secure again and adapt to these threats, CS developed a multilayer strategy of locating highly trained cyber security analysts and services within a robust, highly secure infrastructure, provided by AiNET, for their Security Operations Center.

“Most companies don’t have the resources they need to protect themselves from the increasingly complex landscapes of cyber threats,” says Benedetto Filingeri, CEO at Cybersafe Solutions. “Modern threat prevention requires equipment, infrastructure and talent. Only the largest organizations have access to those resources, but every single organization, large or small, faces the same challenges. So we set out to level the playing field.”

Founded in 2014, Cybersafe Solutions brought together a team with more than twenty years’ experience with organizations like NSA, NASA and the United States Secret Service, to design cyber security solutions tailored to the SMB market. Their services use highly trained cyber security professionals, actively monitoring networks, investigating breaches, and high-end programmatic intelligence to track and prevent malicious programs from achieving their objectives. Originally based in New York, they initially saw rapid success with a client base in regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and the legal sector.

As the cyber headlines kept coming in 2016, Filingeri and the Cybersafe Solutions team saw that their services were needed by a much wider range of industries and businesses than other cyber companies had realized. “We recognized that we needed more cyber security professionals to serve a larger clientele,” says Filingeri. “As we looked for the talent, naturally our eyes turned to Maryland, with its base of highly skilled cyber professionals and world-class infrastucture. So we went to the where the resources are.”

Cybersafe Solutions made a good choice when locating their Security Operations Center (SOC) in Maryland. With dozens of national security and government agencies, the state has the highest concentrations of high skilled cyber security professionals anywhere in the world. Maryland’s Department of Commerce reports that the state has over 115,000 cyber security professionals. But to really leverage the talent pool, Cybersafe Solutions would need a physical presence in the state as well. That’s where AiNET came in.

“We’ve been providing security and infrastructure, in the form of data centers and secure communications networks, for 25 years,” says Deepak Jain, CEO of AiNET and NSA veteran. “We understand that cyber security begins from the ground up. Cyber is in our DNA. So when we learned about Cybersafe Solutions and what they were trying to accomplish, we saw  it was a natural fit.”

AiNET and Cybersafe Solutions formed a partnership, and selected AiNET’s Tier IV data center in Beltsville, Maryland in which to build their Security Operations Center. Cybersafe Solutions’ clients can now leverage the infrastructural benefits of a highly secure, state-of-the-art internet data center and the rich multilayer security their business needs. AiNET is now able to offer the highest level, white-glove cyber security services to their existing data center colocation, cloud, communications and managed services clients.

“It’s really a win-win in every sense of the word,” says Michael Fox, Regional Vice-President of Sales at AiNET. “Cybersafe Solutions’ clients get to store and backup their data in one of the most advanced, most protected locations in the world, and AiNET’s clients now have access to a whole new level of proactive cyber security threat identification and response. The value to the client is simple: data that’s always accessible, and always secure, all backed up by a partnership that provides interoperability and an answer to the changing cyber threat.”

“The concepts behind Cybersafe Solutions and AiNET are extremely similar,” says Craig Naylor, Chief Technology Officer at Cybersafe Solutions. “An internet data center is all about leveraging shared resources and infrastructure to create an environment more connected and reliable than the client could ever hope to create on their own, and our cyber security principle is to help our clients leverage our collective expertise, software and equipment to create a more secure environment than they could achieve on their own. The synergies are tangible, and provide extreme value and peace of mind to our clients.”

AiNET has provided Cybersafe Solutions with 1,100 square feet of technical space and Security Operations Center within its Beltsville data center. The SOC operations consist of monitoring worldwide internet threats, internal threat detection, cyber security posture refinement, and cyber-attack remediation.

Cybersafe Solutions, and by extension their clients, will benefit from the secure, reliable infrastructure provided by AiNET’s Tier VI data center. By linking their technical office space and Security Operations Center, Cybersafe Solutions is able to house their clients’ infrastructure in the highest security environment, providing layers of a value and rich services ecosystem.

About Cybersafe Solutions

The certified, specialists and engineers at Cybersafe Solutions provide deep-seated expertise in the latest technology and advancements cyber security practices–all to protect your systems.

The team at Cybersafe Solutions has spent years perfecting their craft in the financial, healthcare, government and private sectors. As a result, their highly skilled experts can identify security issues, risk exposures, and vulnerabilities that can go unnoticed by conventional security protocols.

Forward Thinking

Cybersafe Solutions introduce, on average, a new tool or process to their services every few weeks, not just to react to the ever-evolving cyber threat, but also in anticipation of new ones based on trends and threat feeds–not just to protect your systems but also to make your organization a less desirable target to potential attackers.

Problem Solvers

Cybersafe Solutions live for finding fragmented packets, unexplained outbound IPSec tunnels, weird DNS lookups, and mismatched sequence numbers. We work directly with clients to assess their security risks and implement pragmatic solutions. So no matter how critical your cyber security issues may be, Cybersafe can develop a customized solution that’s right for your organization.

True Expertise

Cybersafe Solutions specialists have worked at some of the most highly secure government agencies, including NASA and the U.S. Navy. Our team has also worked with large healthcare organizations and Fortune 100 companies.

From SMBs, to Large Critical Infrastructures, Cybersafe Solutions partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats and attacks that are continuously evolving.