Access your organization’s data anywhere with 24/7 availability provided by AiNET’s private/hybrid clouds. Immediate access to compute, storage, and network allow organizations to unlock the potential of platform, infrastructure, applications, and storage in support of their objectives.

The ability to easily increase capacity and scale provide unparalleled flexibility and allow for rapid growth. As you continue to grow and experience velocity through your systems, our cloud grows with you, creating exponential value to our clients as usage expands.

Hybridization helps you to leverage current and existing infrastructures supported by new technology, ensuring that your IT infrastructure meets your needs and supports your modernization efforts. The AiNET suite of cloud services keeps your operations on the cutting edge, and support agility, speed-to-market, and growth efforts.

Why AiNET?

For more than 20 years AiNET has been helping clients to virtualize their IT infrastructures. Since 1993, organizations from all over the world have reached out to us to help them put storage, computing, and network into the cloud, creating success for a wide range of client-types ranging from universities to enterprises to governments.

Our private cloud, physically located in highly-secure data centers, aids organizations who face compliance challenges. Whether it be FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, or SOC/SSAE-16 requirements, our cloud solutions enable our clients to navigate regulations and meet audit and compliance standards.

Most importantly, we built our cloud as an enterprise-class solution tailored for SMBs. We understand the requirements and opportunities for small/medium business as they migrate into the cloud and create technology strategies across the OSI stack to enable the rapid, sustainable growth they seek.

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