Your School Meets Many Needs. We Meet Yours.

As an institute of learning and higher education, you have a variety of needs when it comes to internet infrastructure. You might need cloud services for easy transmission of documents across your campuses. You might have a requirement to store student records off-site. You might need a disaster recovery plan for all your sensitive documents. Whatever you need, we can help.

High Speed Fiber Networks, High Volume Storage Solutions, Private Cloud Services.

Does your educational institution need to connect various buildings on one campus? Or, perhaps, multiple buildings on multiple campuses? Do you need a skilled and experienced fiber construction company to develop and implement your network? Are you seeking high-volume, off campus storage to house your student records, key documents, and other sensitive information? Do you need rapid and reliable access to your data no matter where you are? Then you’ve come to the right place.

High Speed Fiber Networks

We can develop or build a custom fiber network to connect multiple buildings or multiple campuses, or offer you access on our existing 100+ mile fiber network which spans the DC/MD/VA area. Learn more about our fiber connectivity services

Storage as a Service

Many educational institutions require off-site, easy access high volume data storage. Whether you have a need to store data for disaster recovery, or if you just want to reduce the current load on-site, our storage as a service solution can handle your largest data needs. Learn more about our data storage as a service

Cloud Services

When you need to transmit data across campus or to your satellite schools across the country, private cloud services are a safe and reliable way to make this happen. We help your organization stay interconnected. Learn more about our cloud services