Around the clock reliability

Businesses like yours depend on data to be safe and available.

Is your data secure?

The information we access every second needs to be stored somewhere, right? If the facilities storing and maintaining your data isn;t reliable, then sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands.

As an IT leader, your business and clients rely on the security and availability of where and who you trust with your most important information. If that data is compromised, your operations stop dead.

Failure is not an option.

Critical data outages can cost your business millions of dollars.  Being able to access your data is a top priority.

AiNET remains up even when you’re not

Businesses that rely on AiNET’s certified data centers can rest easy and sleep well. We guarantee 100% uptime through our industry leading SLA.

How we help

Purpose-built to guarantee availability

AiNET’s purpose-built network of data centers are located in areas that are flood and disaster-proof. They are proprietarily designed to guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted flows of power, cooling, and network you need.

Under no circumstance should an unauthorized person access your data.

With our Four Factor Authentication (4FA), 24/7 in-person security presence, and best-in-class physical and network security practices, we can ensure your confidence that no one will get in without your authorization.

AiNET – helping you rest easy

AiNET’s top priority is to keep your business safe. We work day and night to protect our clients from outages and intrusions. With success at keeping them safe for over 25 years, see why thousands of businesses and organizations trust AiNET with their most valuable data, year after year.

That is what a business partner is, a team you can trust.

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