FlexPower for Data Center Colocation Customers

AiNET data center colocation customers can gain significant cost-savings, usage based pricing, power protection and better scalability

AiNET, an innovator in data centers, cloud services and fiber networks, announced today that its new Flexpower™ service will provide all data center colocation customers with cost-savings, power redundancy and better scalability. Frequently data center customers are charged based on the capacity of their electrical service. Metered power has advantages over capacity based offerings and cost savings up to 70%. Until now, metered power was only available for the largest colocation and wholesale customers.

AiNET FlexPower is available at our Baltimore, Maryland, Laurel, Maryland and TIA-942 Tier IV Beltsville, Maryland data centers and  at CyberNAP™, the Washington, DC region’s largest data center.

AiNET FlexPower offers all data center colocation customers these benefits:

  • Pay for Usage, not Capacity Now, just like the simple residential electricity billing customers are familiar with, data center colocation customers will only pay for the power they use, not the capacity of their power circuits. Customers pay for a minimum amount of power, and only more if they exceed that. The service makes power usage “burstable”, similar to Internet access in data centers.
  • Affordable Redundant Power – Data center colocation customers traditionally pay a premium for the extra protection of backup (A + B) power circuits that are often only slightly used. As FlexPower links power pricing to actual usage rather than configuration, high-reliability redundant power configurations are now more affordable.
  • Build for Tomorrow’s Needs, Today – FlexPower enables a new way of building data center infrastructure. Now, from day one, customers can build for their eventual power capacity and density needs, but only pay according to their initial usage. The initial infrastructure can then accommodate growth and change over time. Customers can easily upgrade from low efficiency/density servers to newer high efficiency/performance servers over time without redesigning their data center space. This way, power use can grow with need, and efficiency/density can grow with technology.
  • Cost Savings – AiNET FlexPower reduces data center colocation power and circuit charges up to 70% compared to traditional service.

Everyone benefits from energy efficiency. FlexPower is part of AiNET’s green initiatives to work with leading manufacturers to save energy. A good example is industry-leader Intel®, using Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manger and Intel® Data Center Manager, customers can reduce peak power consumption by 20% without a reduction in performance. FlexPower provides an economic incentive for customers to use advanced power management products by shortening ROI.