Reliable and Dependable Services For Your Patient Care Needs.

Running a hospital or medical organization is no easy task. Not only are you balancing high quality patient care with cost control, but you are also mandated to keep patient data safe and secure. You need services which are HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, CMS, and EHNAC compliant, easy to use, reliable and dependable – so you can remotely store, access, and recover confidential patient data easily and with peace of mind.

Data Storage, Transmission and Recovery you can feel good about.

One thing that quality patient care generates is a lot of data.  Patient information consists of not just individual medical background and history, but also intake information, treatment notes, exam findings, and test results. As a hospital administrator, you need to find ways to securely and reliably store this data, so that it is available quickly and completely on demand. You may also have needs for telemedicine services, so that your physicians and hospital care staff can serve your patients in outlying communities.

Whether you need remote data storage, high speed data transmission, or off-site patient records as part of your disaster recovery plan, we can help. We’ve assisted many hospitals and medical organizations, just like yours, to create a data storage, transmission, and recovery plan that meets regulatory standards, is easy to set up, and makes good sense.

Data Storage

When your physical location is too full and you can’t store any more patient records, but you need this data to be securely accessible and complete at any time of day or night, you will want to learn more about our data storage as a service.

Private Cloud

Do your hospital’s medical personnel require a way to securely store important documents and access them from various locations? Do you have information that needs to be transferred to various physical locations? Our private cloud service can give you secure storage and data transfer. Learn more about cloud services

Fiber Connectivity

Do you have multiple hospital locations that you want to connect to a shared high-speed internet network? Do you offer telemedicine services and need high speed bandwidth to provide the highest quality of care, even at a distance? Our fiber connectivity services are what you need.