There’s no trophy for coming in last

Business is a race against the competition.

Is yours winning?

Consumers of all types cycle massive amounts of information and waiting for it isn’t much of an option. Companies who deliver too slowly are left behind.

When your internal processes hit the brakes, customers will leave for those who can keep up with their needs.

The long wait for slow apps and inferior download speeds can leave consumers feeling helpless and can be the reason a business deteriorates.

Outperform with AiNET

Our high-speed fiber networks deliver up to 100GBps to help you get there first. We build our networks – direct to your front door – to help you bolt past the competitors and dazzle internal stakeholders and customers alike.

How we help

Your business feels the need for speed

Your information is only as useful as the network it’s traveling on. If employees and customers are waiting, they’re stalling, leaving productivity and customer retention at risk.

AiNET builds the fastest and most reliable fiber networks around. We know you need the high speeds that only fiber can deliver, that’s why we build the best possible networks, to give you that flexibility and speed anywhere on the planet.

AiNET Fiber gets you there faster, and keeps you in first place

We unlock the horsepower by setting your data loose at the speed of light. When you no longer have to wait for results, a lot more gets done. With direct connections to a global network of data centers and information hubs, we get your data to where you need it, when you need it, fast.

Victory lane for business is just a click away.

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