Planning to move to the cloud? AiNET has you covered with a suite of solutions tailored to SMBs who are looking to unlock the power of the cloud. We provide cloud migration strategic planning and consulting, implementation and delivery services, as well as hosting solutions.

Our understanding of the cloud is deep and goes back more than 20 years to some of the earliest hosted solutions available on the internet. We have helped hundreds of organizations successfully move on premise IT infrastructure to hosted solutions, and in the process transformed our clients’ operations in extremely meaningful and productive ways.

Our method of successfully transitioning clients to the cloud relies on gathering a deep understanding of their goals, objectives, and constraints. We focus on maximizing value, reducing complexity, and building in the robust systems architecture our clients require.

The right migration partner makes all the difference

Cloud migrations can be difficult for many organizations, but at AiNET we have successfully moved hundreds of clients to the cloud, on time, on budget, and without disruption. We invest the time to do proper asset allocation and application/software audits as a major portion of our discovery process. We help you decide what to move to the cloud, and what platforms will run which systems.

We specialize in implementation of cloud transitions from public cloud environments (such as AWS) into secure, compliant private clouds. For organizations in industries where compliance requirements are a business concern, AiNET provides an easy-to-implement audit/compliance model that provides exceptional value and impact.

Our cloud migration services are designed to provide your organization with extreme flexibility, security, and scalability, building cloud environments that grow alongside your business. Reach out to us today to unlock the power of the cloud.

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