Managed services solutions from AiNET create multiple layers of value within the data center. Our experienced in-house technicians design, implement and maintain platforms and devices throughout the OSI model, creating full-stack capability throughout your IT infrastructure.

With a vast array of capabilities at our disposal, we strive to always remain committed to the best value and most appropriate solution for each client’s unique IT environment. Whether your organization needs supported hosting, managed IDS/firewalls solutions, or any other of a wide array of services, our technical staff can fill the gaps in your organization.

In-person support is available through our NOC 24 hours a day. We provide white glove services that go beyond simple Smart Hands. Our team is continuously monitoring the health of your systems, and working proactively to identify problems before they become serious. Our multiple layers of support staff on-site at all times ensure one-call resolution, and is just one more reason we provide one of the best SLAs in the industry.

Why AiNET?

So why wait? AiNET provides cost-effective access to enterprise-level support. The true value in managed services comes from the ability to maintain the health of mission critical systems and diagnose problems before they can impact the organization.

We provide these services to help our clients eliminate downtime, reduce operating costs and focus on running their business – not worry about their technology. With the peace of mind provided by AiNET managed services, our clients are able to start looking to the future for new opportunities to accelerate their organizational growth.

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