AiNET owns the Washington, DC area’s largest private high speed fiber optic network. With nearly 10,000 miles laid so far, and dozens of national partners, we can bring fiber optic network services to anywhere in the region.

Our services are a perfect fit for organizations who prioritize network diversity, security, and speed. Our clients run the gamut of high frequency traders (HFTs), government agencies, and healthcare/research organizations.

Our outside plant fiber division delivers fiber optics straight to your door. We handle all permitting, design, and construction, allowing you to easily turbocharge your network operations while focusing on your core business.

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The freedom to choose your internet provider helps organizations grow in many ways. AiNET has the ability to bring services when you need it, supporting projects as diverse as cellular tower construction, DAS, and even city-wide municipal Wi-Fi programs.

Whether you are in a campus environment and need a network to link multiple facilities, or your current provider isn’t meeting your need, AiNET has network and connectivity solutions that are right for your business.

Reach out to our team of network engineers to unlock the power of fiber optics today.

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