Networks Overview

Because a data center without excellent connectivity is a barren island in a vast ocean, AiNET ensures that all of its data centers have rich, diverse and powerful connectivity options – even if we have to build it (AiNET Fiber OSP Construction).

This Networks section presents AiNET’s solutions for:

  • Internet Access: AiNET’s solution for high-quality, high-performance, diverse Internet connectivity. AiNET, a longstanding member of the Internet community, operates Internet Autonomous System 6405 (AS 6405).
  • Cross Connections: Connectivity to carriers of choice within AiNET’s carrier neutral facilities or interbuilding cross connections over AiNET’s redundant DWDM networks to major carrier hotels.
  • Fiber Connectivity: Ethernet-based and other circuits, waves, and dark fiber connections on AiNETs fiber networks or built as needed.

AiNET believes that network connectivity and data centers are fundamentally linked, which is why it can offer or customize so many options.