It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s private/hybrid cloud solutions

There is right and wrong in the universe and every business needs their superhero

Be Unstoppable

Your systems are always at risk for intruders.

Bad guys (and even good ones) target your systems where they are most vulnerable, stopping your business in its tracks.

Get super-powered.

Keep your data private and secure. Be flexible with your digital strategy and, don’t get locked into obsolete hardware. Scale with demand, prevent costly upgrades, and keep up with the latest trends.

Challenges to your business are like kryptonite. You need the economics of public cloud with the security and reliability of private cloud. You need AiNET Cloud Services.

This is a job for AiNET

We bundle cloud compute, network, security, and storage into dedicated, on-demand, and always-up solutions that rely on our patented systems in AiNET’s not-so secret, award-winning data centers. 

Virtualization shouldn’t mean weakness or decrease in quality. We built our cloud to blast through the price/performance wall.

How we help

AiNET private/ hybrid cloud solutions provide you with dedicated environments –no shared hardware and no bad guys in your systems.

We guarantee uptime and availability all the time.

Your business needs to be ready when called. It should grow the way it needs to, not the way your budget dictates – and we give you that flexibility.

Meet and exceed peak demand with on-demand scalability. Our cloud offers the cost efficiency and ease of use only seen with public clouds.

With great power comes great responsibility.

AiNET private/hybrid cloud draws forth quality and dedication to triumph evil.

We build the hardware and the data centers that your data safely calls home, allowing us to watch over, monitor, and protect the quality of the service, as well as costs.

What does this mean? Means you get unparalleled quality and transparency, and most importantly, justice.

See for yourself why thousands of customers choose AiNET for their cloud solutions.

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