Planning for growth is tough. Our Flex Solutions remove the guesswork.

AiNET’s line of of Flex Solutions are engineered to help you grow, with data center colocation cabinets that provide metered power, burstable bandwidth, unlimited storage and managed infrastructure.

Imagine: everything, on-demand. Embrace the freedom that comes from knowing you have the flexibility to scale at will, with no caps or overages, all hosted in AiNET’s network of highly reliable, highly secure certified data centers.

Flex Solutions make scalable growth easy. By combining data center, storage and network into one package, we make planning your IT environment easy, and with on-demand, unlimited bandwidth and storage, we make costs predictable and flexible.

By bundling your IT essentials, enjoy ease, agility and cost-efficiencies. We make IT simple, so you can focus on what’s really important to your business.

Each Flex Solutions cabinet comes with metered power and your choice of maximum network speed included. Simply select the amounts of network, storage or compute as required, and go! Click the Build It tab under the Flex Solution that best meets your IT requirements to get started.

AiNET’s Flex Solutions give you all of the advantages of wholesale purchases, down to the single cabinet. Embrace the freedom of metered power, on-demand bandwidth and unlimited, flexible storage.

An AiNET Solutions engineer is ready to help transform your operations from legacy to hybrid to private or public cloud – with all of the freedom, savings, speed and service level commitments you need.

Why wait? Get started today and grow with confidence.