Hurricanes, fires, floods, equipment crashes, accidents, power outages….they happen. What if your offices themselves were unreachable? How well is your organization prepared should any of these things come to pass? Here are just a few ways that AiNET can help your Disaster Recovery / COOP preparedness:

Continuity of Operations (COOP) – Building the right DR plan is essential to flawless execution and continuity of operations. Increasingly, auditors are challenging your organization’s internal and external controls. AiNET can help build and test your DR plan to ensure your COOP plan is the best fit for your organization.

For specific information on AiNET’s simple, effective and affordable DR/COOP solution for IBM Power 7 Systems (IBM System i) users click here.

Cloud Services for Disaster Recovery
Even if you can’t justify complete replication of your infrastructure, but still need to meet an RTO, AiNET offers cloud services for disaster recovery. We use our Cloud Infrastructure to provide you with servers or VMs for a fixed contract basis. This cloud-based service provides immediate access to the recovery site in case of a declared disaster, achieving your RTO at minimal cost.

Cloud High Availability and DR Implementation Options to Fit Your Needs

AiNET offers a variety of methods to help you achieve your specific goals.

  • High availability, real-time synchronization and automatic failover between your (customer-hosted)  production systems and servers hosted at an AiNET facility, or between production systems hosted within AiNET facilities
  • Hot-standby cloud infrastructure on a replication schedule determined by your recovery target and network environment
  • Servers pre-installed and implemented (according to your specifications) on a warm stand-by basis
  • Restoration and backup services: customer backup tapes (based upon latest full or incremental backup) or SANs are installed on a compatible environment within AiNET’s data center.

Data Center Space – Have some of your equipment in one or more of AiNET’s secure, hardened data centers. AiNET can use its own fiber network to provide the connectivity between the your equipment in your data center to your equipment in ours.

Synchronously Replicate Your Data – AiNET can harness its Storage Solutions and its fiber network connectivity to provide a full synchronous SAN replication solution so your organization’s data will always be protected. If your location is beyond the approximately 25 route-mile synchronous SAN replication range, AiNET can provide a satisfactory asynchronous solution. With its Peta10 SAN Solution, AiNET can design surprisingly affordable data storage and/or replication solutions that can satisfy the most demanding Disaster Recovery / COOP needs for data protection.

Office Space in Reserve – AiNET can provide office space complete with conference areas, parking, overnight accommodations and full communications to fully support your staff and resources at our facilities.

Don’t find out when it’s too late that your organization isn’t prepared for a disaster. Contact AiNET and let us assist you with an affordable, scalable and comprehensive Disaster Recovery / COOP solution.