AiNET’s Colocation services offer the required amount of space and support which ranges from a share of a single cabinet to a private, caged area encompassing hundreds of cabinets and thousands of square feet.

AiNET is one of the few data center providers in the world offering Colocation featuring the unmatched reliability and operational environment of a TIA-942 Tier IV data center. This is the highest standard issued by the Telecommunications Industry Association and provides the most demanding installations with the confidence and security of the highest level of reliability and maintainability by design. In addition, service providers, colocation customers, and managed services companies gain tremendous marketing differentiation.

For AiNET colocation customers, AiNET now offers MicroMetering™ so that data center colocation customers will now enjoy all the benefits of metered power including cost-savings, power redundancy and a data center growth path more aligned with needs. MicroMetering can cut data center colocation power costs up to 70%.

AiNET Colocation Features:

  • Connectivity: Multiple fiber-optic carriers and upstream Tier 1 Internet backbone.
  • Neutrality: Carrier neutral with resilient connections to multiple providers.
  • Choice: Multiple fiber-based and traditional TDM or copper-based carrier service providers.
  • Cooling: Redundant HVAC systems that maintain consistent humidity and temperature to better than ASHRAE specifications.
  • Range of Space Available: Less than one cabinet to hundreds of cabinets. Space less than one half-cabinet can be shared.
  • Generator Protected: Multiple on-site Diesel Generators
  • Secure Facility: Access to the cabinet/cage colocation area controlled by state-of-the art security measures including biometric security, infrared cameras, proximity access devices, physical perimeter alarms and on-site security staff.
  • Access Control: Access lists, locks, keypad, hand scan, proximity & retina scan all available to protect your access control area and enable third-party assistance where requested.
  • Power Options: Complete power options available including: 120V, 208V single phase, 208 V 3-phase, 277V/480V 3-phase (Supporting OpenCompute).  DC and other options available.
  • Power Density: Typically up to 300 W/square foot. Cabinets supporting over 30KW per cabinet are available. Custom options available including hybrid cooling and temperatures beyond ASHRAE 9.9 specifications.
  • Power Feed Redundancy Options: A + B (+ C). Per TIA-942 Tier IV, each AiNET power feed path features its own UPS, battery string, transformers, and its circuit breaker panels. Individual power feed paths have no common element (such as a PDU/Power Distribution Unit/STS or other single-point-of-failure). This ensures true redundancy/diversity between backup power feeders to individual (branch) feeds.
  • Power Metering: Metered power option has always been available at the panel/suite level as well as the branch circuit level, now with AiNET MicroMetering™, metering is available at the single cabinet level. With MicroMetering, AiNET data center colocation customers can reduce power costs up to 70%.
  • Network Connectivity Options: Colocation customers can contract with carriers directly in the data center; take inter-building cross connections from AiNET to other buildings and carriers; and/or utilize managed Internet bandwidth from AiNET. See Networks Overview for details.
  • On-Site Support: AiNET offers a full range of support options from basic remote hands’ tasks to skilled engineering support. See Professional Services for details.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): AiNET Colocation services and all additional services are backed by the expansive coverage of the AiNET 100%  SLA.
  • Radio/Satellite Needs: Accommodations made for radio/satellite antenna either in the facility, on an antenna pad, or on the roof (subject to designa and regulatory approval).

For more information on our data center colocation cabinets, please visit AiNET Data Center Colocation Cabinets.

Site details for a particular AiNET data center can be found at:

  • Beltsville, MD, certified SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942 Tier IV colocation data center.
  • Baltimore, MD, colocation data center with the option for private suites, hosted solutions and technical office builds.
  • Laurel, MD (fully leased, expansion possibilities for SCIF colocation and suites).
  • CyberNAP, Glen Burnie, MD, unlimited possibilities in this 300,000 sq.ft. facility.

For larger or more custom needs, such as secure cages, private suites or wholesale data center space, please see the Colocation Cages and Suites or  Wholesale section.

If your organization needs data center space and support that is second to none, offers flexibility, support and the unmatched reliability and operational environment of a TIA-942 Tier IV certification, then please contact AiNET.