Having equipment in a data center is one thing – but how do you ensure that it’s always reachable with affordable, high-quality, Internet access? In AiNET’s well-connected facilities – you decide.

AiNET facilities are carrier-neutral, therefore, if you have specific needs that can be met by an in-house carrier (or via a cross connection to a carrier hotel) then that option is available. Many customers, however, find that AiNET-provided Internet access has compelling advantages.

AiNET Internet Access and MPLS services offer SONET style reliability and fault-tolerance, by using Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) on all internal links, our network proactively determines whether any 10G+ backbone link has been impaired faster than traditional detection methods. This allows nearly instantaneous (<50ms) rerouting. Your high priority TCP/IP/MPLS traffic doesn’t even drop a packet — even if a backbone link were to go down.

With a connection to AiNET within the facility, AiNET, operating Internet Autonomous System 6405 (AS 6405), provides a superb quality of bandwidth that blends top carriers and meets them in more than one location for redundancy and better performance. AiNET provides and manages the blends, including using Multi-Exit Discriminators (MEDs) to make routing decisions for optimal performance, with all the redundancy needed – and all covered under the AiNET Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Reflective of the strong interconnectivity of AS 6405, its prefixes have one of the lowest average AS lengths on the Internet. This means that that BGP, the routing protocol that controls the flow of Internet traffic, will determine that traffic to AS 6405 should take precedence and priority over other networks — including many well-known, large networks. Don’t just take our word for it, verify for yourself.

Note that per the SLA, an outage in connectivity procured from AiNET equates to an outage in the data center, because an orphaned data center has no value. Unlike other data centers that suggest that your Internet access outage is your problem, AiNET owns the problem, and engineers its Internet connectivity to make sure it never occurs. This direct connection between connectivity and data center outages for SLA purposes is well above the Industry standard (norm).