According to their needs, AiNET offers its data center customers the industry’s broadest range of Professional Services. From an occasion call-out for remote hands support, to full Engineering and Operations outsourcing, AiNET’s skilled staff is available 24×7 to meet your needs.

Maintaining a staff of skilled technical professionals to respond to unpredictable events – and even predictable ones – at your data center on a 24x7x365 basis is a very costly commitment. The cost of having to respond almost immediately at any time is high because of the lack of scale and efficiency at hand. This is not a situation to do; it’s a situation to manage getting done. Manage it with a provider who can respond immediately at any time, with great cost-effectiveness.

Also, as needed, pertinent AiNET personnel can sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for your protection, and AiNET can provide personnel with clearances as required.

The Basics: Skilled, Efficient, Reliable and Cost-Effective Remote and Smart Hands

Maybe your needs for help at the data center are only 2, 15 or 40 hours during a month – let AiNET take the guesswork out of which particular hours. With network and system admin personnel at the data center on a 24×7 basis, AiNET can provide Remote and Smart Hands services.

If you need to schedule an installation, whether your personnel come in to do it, or you ask us to, you can still have your equipment shipped ahead of time to our facility.

Managed Services Advanced Support

Your organization’s infrastructure is comprised of hardware and software products from a variety of vendors, each with different warranty, support and maintenance requirements. The continual cycle of tracking equipment and software licenses, patching and updating, systems and network administration, and managing their corresponding contracts, is time consuming and costly. Time spent auditing assets and tracking contracts is time lost on your initiatives and projects.

AiNET excels at ensuring that your IT assets, service plans and service providers complement each other, freeing you and your staff to concentrate on higher-value activities.

These services can be combined with HIPAA, FISMA, FedRamp, PCI and other compliance activities to ensure your organization has a fully compliant service and a highly responsive partner for all of your service needs.

AiNET provides Datacenter Support in a number of areas:

Remote Monitoring and Profiling

AiNET’s Monitoring & Profiling Service (AMPS) helps clients maximize systems uptime through the advanced notification of potential issues and faster problem resolution when failures occur – by proactively monitoring their infrastructure and application environment 24×7, up to 1500 times daily. AMPS provides:

  • Performance Monitoring – Averting Potential Issues: By setting capacity parameters and performance thresholds, AiNET identifies potential signs of weakness such as bottlenecks, overburdened services or hardware anomalies, and immediately alerts the client – allowing potential problems to be averted before they become critical or impact the user.
  • Real-Time Hardware Fault Monitoring – Expediting the Problem Resolution Process: In the event of a hard system failure, AiNET identifies the failure in real-time, notifies the client and expedites the remediation process – whether using AiNET’s Professional Services or the client’s internal IT staff to resolve the issue.
  • Reporting & Trend Analysis – Optimizing Utilization & Performance: Through enhanced reporting and analysis, and access to and periodic reviews with AiNET’s senior engineers, AiNET’s infrastructure monitoring service enables clients to better manage their infrastructure and optimize systems utilization and performance.

AMPS supports a wide variety of infrastructure and application platforms including:

  • Data Center Infrastructure: such as Sun, HP, IBM, Dell, EMC server and storage systems
  • Security Infrastructure: such as FireEye, Check Point, Blue Coat, Infoblox
  • Network Infrastructure: such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Extreme Networks, Nortel
  • Applications & Databases: such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Postgres, Teradata, Citrix, Oracle, VMware
  • Operating Systems: such as Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Windows Server

AMPS supports additional systems and applications. All names are registered trademarks.

Capturing Your Installed Base

AiNET’s certified technical team will perform an on-site physical review on all of your supported systems. AiNET will:

  • Perform an inventory of enterprise-level assets
  • Evaluate internal component levels
  • Create a naming convention
  • Perform preventative maintenance
  • Deliver engineering recommendations
  • Inspect the systems log
  • Note external attached devices

The results of this review and others will be available to you on the MyAiNET online portal tool, displayed within various categories:

  • Contract – assets that are on an AiNET service contract
  • Inventory – assets that are not on an AiNET service contract
  • External – assets that are managed by an external service contract

Maintaining Your Lowest Cost of Ownership

AiNET’s certified service team can help you lower your cost of contract ownership – and keep it low. AiNET will negotiate on your behalf with your service providers and maximize discounts over your entire base of service and maintenance contracts.

24×7 Call Center Support

AiNET’s certified service and technical teams are available 24×7 to ensure you receive the service committed by AiNET and others. We will manage all your contract and vendor data so you don’t lose valuable time searching for the service agreements. When your vendors respond to a problem by pointing fingers at each other, AiNET will take the first step toward resolution by escalating the matter as your advocate.

Additional AiNET Management Services

  • Standard Device Monitoring
  • Advanced Device Monitoring
  • Intelligent Agent/Expert Agent Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Antivirus Scanning and Updating
  • Operating System Installation and Patch Management
  • Application System Installation and Patch Management
  • Hardware Warranty Management
  • Software License Management
  • Remote Touch Services (reboots, rack & stack, card installs, system swaps)
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Third-party Vendor Coordination

Accessing Information Via The MyAiNET Online Portal

The MyAiNET information portal allows for a single point of contact to manage inventory, service requests, trouble tickets and administration of multiple vendor contracts. AiNET has the ability to track hardware and software assets. We can also add, delete and modify service levels, co-terminate and renew contracts. Engineering details such as line-item, serial number, network wiring schematics, logical diagrams and physical location level detail are at your fingertips.

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AiNET’s team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined processes, dependable delivery, and subject matter experts to meet your services needs including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.

Contact AiNET today for more information about how AiNET can support and implement your IT challenges while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.