When your data center absolutely, positively must never go down — even for 100 year events, 500 year events — you need a Tier IV data center. If you want the peace of mind during floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and threats yet to be determined, there is no better place for your system than a Tier IV data center.

Built to an uncompromising standard …                                                                                                                           
…. to insure your systems, connectivity and data are protected and operational through any planned or unplanned event — even during maintenance and major system failure! In Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard TIA-942, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Communications Centers, beyond concurrent maintainability, the distinguishing attribute of a TIA-942 Tier IV data center is fault tolerance – the ability of a data center to remain operational despite a failure of a major system.

You can learn a lot about AiNET’s certified TIA-942 Tier IV data center(s) by examining the detailed block diagrams and their commentary pages for the two key major systems of a data center – power distribution and cooling. When reviewing the diagrams, note, for example with power, that from any input to any final output, more than one independent path may always be traced – this is the “finger test”. It’s why, for example, that there are no Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in the final output of power, because they represent an unacceptable point of aggregated power flow.

In the diagrams, note the inclusion of the Critical Power Protection Supervisor, AiNET’s patented power protection technology that protects against a class of power problems that afflict every other data center in the world.

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