AiNET provides wholesale data center solutions including data center design, development and construction, consulting, commissioning and ongoing facility operations and management. Delivery options range from a private suite on finished, raised-floor space sharing the existing power and cooling plant to a bare-slab, powered shell. AiNET has a specialization in high power density environments.

For Government, major corporations and universities, AiNET companies have constructed and refurbished more than 20 data centers. Its construction project management skills are continually honed in managing complex fiber construction projects. These skills and experience, combined with AiNET’s financial strength, long term commitment to the business – and iron-clad delivery guarantees – eliminate your risk, letting your focus on the core elements of your business.

Specific purpose facilities needing SCIF (Special Compartmentalized Intelligence Facility) and other levels of security are available on a turnkey basis in coordination with an appropriate CSA (Cognizant Security Authority).

More than a real estate play, AiNET does not limit its offerings to wholesale customers: all services can include AiNET’s expert and professional support services, network connectivity, fiber optic network construction, and network POP development and maintenance.

Wholesale/Turnkey elements of AiNET services can include:

  • Site preparation / demolition
  • Consulting on state-of-the-art design support
  • High-capacity communications networks
  • Expert and professional services support
  • Optimized tenant infrastructure utilization
  • “Green infrastructure”: motion sensors, highly efficient MEP systems
  • Land use zoning, permitting
  • Environmental checks
  • Pressurized under floor HVAC
  • BACnet and DDC controls
  • Local municipality coordination
  • Water authority coordination
  • Contract negotiation and coordination
  • Advanced Certification: DCID, ICD, LEED, Tier Level, ISO, SAS, SSAE, SCIF, TEMPEST

If your organization’s data center considerations extend to the wholesale level, and you want to have the option for more than a real estate play, then please contact AiNET.