Organizations whose data center infrastructure needs range from a cage, to a private suite to a large, independent, customized data center within one of our facilities can look to AiNET for Wholesale Data Center Solutions.

Wholesale Data Center Solutions are for Enterprise customers, Colocation service providers, telecommunications companies and other users of large blocks of power and space (and those with specialized security requirements). Typically users above 200KW (power demand) are considered wholesale data center / colocation customers.

Wholesale Data Center Solutions feature a fully redundant Tier III  or Tier IV data center / telecommunications infrastrcture. Rich, in-place fiber connectivity options and offer a range of shared and independent power and cooling options are available.

Backed with guarantees on price and delivery, AiNET companies can design and provide space, access, power, cooling, physical and electromagnetic security (TEMPEST), connectivity, and operational management and support on an independent basis or with any level(s) of sharing within the facility that aligns with your needs and budget.

Wholesale Data Centers offer customers the ability to have virtually complete control over their space including branding (identity) management, direct visibility to power, cooling and other inputs as well as layout and color scheme/finishing of the provided data center / colocation / critical power space(s).

All AiNET Wholesale Data Centers are protected by AiNET’s Patented Critical Power Protection Supervisor a state-of-the-art solution to enhanced reliability and protection from numerous vulnerabilities in all other data centers. Support for high power densities and industry leading HVAC standards (ASHRAE 9.9 and beyond). Customers can enjoy the highest PUE (power usage effectiveness) in the industry through innovative and best-in-class solutions. Green energy options are available for those customers interested in specifying renewable fuels, solar and other energy supply options.

If your organization is considering a Wholesale Data Center Solution in the Washington, DC metropolitan region (including Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia) then please contact AiNET.