The Cloud. It promised to solve all business problems and to help repair the trust lost by other solutions. Cloud vendors promised to make businesses run smoother, faster, more efficiently- and at a notable cost savings. AiNET closely followed this trend.

The reality, according to AiNET, is that cloud vendors failed to live up to customers’ expectations. Customers are justifiably disappointed.

Broken Promises

A few short months ago, Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer stated that rumors of an infrastructure sell off were “factless conjecture with no foundation.” Verizon customers who trusted the company’s denials around the sell off of their cloud services were in for a rude awakening.

With no public announcement, Verizon is getting out the public cloud business. Customers received an email notifying them they had about a month to migrate their data or lose it all.

Last year, HP pulled the plug on their own public cloud service, and before that, Rackspace announced they would be exiting the IaaS market to focus elsewhere.

The cloud landscape is strewn with broken promises.

Expect Rough Waters Ahead

AiNET founder and CEO Deepak Jain has been monitoring these industry entrances and exits for many years. “What we continue to see has little to do with the technology of these large companies,” says Jain. “IT has a long history of broken promises and now we see it in cloud.  Customers can expect little warning and short notice of hugely disruptive changes that leave all the best planning of CIOs, CFOs and CEOs in the rubble.”

“The problem really boils down to customers buying technologies from companies that don’t address their real risks- risks of approach, consistency, longevity, compliance. These are strategic considerations; and beyond the scope of pure tech.”

Jain’s advice to customers is simple: Look for a partner with the vision to handle the entirety of your IT infrastructure, rather than a vendor peddling “solutions” and a band-aid approach to technology problems.

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