You generate data. Oceans of it.

Information moves faster than your business can manage…

Take Control

Applications, emails, user-data, programs, images, movies, blue prints, likes, shares and much more:  Information is the hub of mass production and the lifeline of most companies.

In order for your business to grow, the behind-the-scenes success of storing information and managing its storage is critical.

Rising costs of storing data are dragging companies down.

Your business requires a way to store and retrieve information when and how you need it.

You’re in control.

We have created storage solutions that let you scale, grow, and expand your storage without limits.


The way you manage your storage can make or break your business.

Perhaps you need to be in the cloud.  Perhaps you need your data next to you.  ZSTOR can do both effortlessly and gives you the flexibility to evolve with your needs.

Scalable Flexible Storage with ZSTOR

Make your data work for you. Store your information in a way that makes it easy to use, preserve, and benefit from. Reduce the risk and lower expenses.

With control comes power.  Your data is your business. 

Find it.  Use it.  Protect it.  Grow.

Learn more about taking control of your data.