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IT Made Simple

Modernize and streamline your IT systems with on-demand flexibility from AiNET.

We Make IT Simple

For technology leaders who need always-up, highly secure IT systems to deliver impeccable products and services, AiNET is the only service provider that blends data centers, cloud and network services, to make our clients IT systems leaner, faster and more robust.

Unlike other IT service providers, AiNET is the only company delivering complete solutions to the IT challenges facing modern businesses.

AiNET understands businesses are using IT to drive business goals: to mitigate risks, to drive efficiency, to create value, to comply with complex regulations, and to compete more effectively. See for yourself why so many businesses choose AiNET as their IT partner, year after year.

We Integrate Data Centers, Fiber Networks, and Cloud Services

Learn how secure data centers, lightning fast fiber networks, and scalable cloud services can help you solve your business goals.

Data Center

It’s about more than just pipe, power, and ping. AiNET has a created a whole new way to look at data centers – we add value by packaging services, network, and computing so that your IT budget goes farther and with greater outcomes.


Our data colocation and web hosting solutions provide freedom to the C-suite as well. Costs from up-front tech builds move to operating budgets, creating predictable outlays and freeing up resources to pursue the growth goals of the organization.


AiNET has nearly 600,000 square feet of data center and office space, purpose-built to house cutting edge network and security operations. Our facilities provide the highest levels of power, are designed for redundancy, and optimized for security, including advanced biometrics and physical access control

Private / Hybrid Cloud

Access your organization’s data anywhere with 24/7 availability provided by AiNET’s private/hybrid clouds. Immediate access to compute, storage, and network allow organizations to unlock the potential of platform, infrastructure, applications, and storage in support of their objectives

Network Services

Why tolerate slow internet, unsecure networks, and off-shored customer support? Our own employees maintain our network and answer all customer calls. Get ready to break the slow speed paradigm with AiNET network services.

High-Speed Fiber Optics

Our services are a perfect fit for organizations who prioritize network diversity, security, and speed. Our clients run the gamut of high frequency traders (HFTs), government agencies, and healthcare/research organizations

Dark Fiber

Our private dark fiber network is nearly 10,000 miles and counting, with more on the way. We provide our clients dark fiber because we understand that flexibility is extremely valuable to modern organizations

Carrier Hotel

All of our data centers are Carrier Neutral/Carrier Diverse, with huge potential for both colocation clients and internet service providers. Our tenants have access within our data centers to dozens of major national, international, and local carriers, meaning major flexibility in regards to technical demands and budgetary concerns

Cloud Services

AiNET’s suite of cloud solutions encompass all levels of cloud infrastructure, with enterprise-class storage and compute options to help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our cloud enables robust private/hybrid cloud environments at enterprise scale that can be deployed in under one minute. The outcomes we provide our clients include Big Data analytics, service continuity, advanced product development, and twenty-first century agility.


Turning IT, which supports operations, into an operational item itself, aligns your IT environment with the way you deliver your products and services


With Storage-as-a-Service from AiNET your organization can instantly access data, across a wide array of hardware platforms, anywhere in the world. Our object-based storage supports business continuity planning as well as remote office environments and is highly secure and compliance ready


Business continuity and service continuity planning processes are front and center on the C-suite agenda, and with good reason. Global businesses and organizations need to be up and running 24 hours a day to keep pace. Outages can be disastrous

“We were in the market for a location to house our Security Operations Center, and when we found AiNET’s data center in Washington, DC, we knew it was the perfect fit. Our customers get the benefit of knowing their data is housed in the safest possible location.” Benny Filingieri

Co-Founder & CEO, Cybersafe Solutions

AiNET’s vision, mission, combined with their world-class infrastructure and insightful customer service represents the high-end customer service that you will receive. I have had the opportunity to work with their team over the past four years, they are the game changers in the market by positively impacting other people’s business, the federal government and serving as a community influencer. I am excited to watch what will happen next at AiNET.. Heather Louise Finch

Founder, HLF, LLC

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