ZSTOR: Avoid the High Costs of Corrupt Data

If you data degrades over time, is it worth anything?

When you need your data, you need it to remain the same way you stored it. The cost of bad data is much larger than just the cost of storage.

You are storing more data than ever before, and over longer periods of time. You rely on these files in the day-to-day of your business, and preserve it for years. Storing that data is dependent on making multiple copies, and storing it in multiple places for long periods of time. This is known as Information Life Cycle Management (ILM), and whether you’re technical or not, you are using ILM daily — even if you don’t realize it.

Keeping copies up to date and replacing systems as they age and verifying all of it requires even more copies. In this continuous copy making process, small errors are made when hardware or software fails, or network operations create glitches. Even simple background radiation and vibrations can cause these errors.

Over time these small errors in copy operations can add up to major problems, increasing as data retention grows into 5, 10 and 20 year periods. These series of errors are known as silent corruption, and over time, they can make your data unrecognizable, and more importantly, unusable. This can be a disaster in the making.

Silent Corruption:

Deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored over time.

To protect against silent corruption, you need advanced processes and technology. Risks in the ILM process are:

  • Growing Storage Demands
  • Audit / Industry Compliance / Regulation Risk
  • Cyber Risk (Malware, Virus, Intrusion, Detection)
  • Mixed Formats (text, video, audio, data files)

You need protection from all of these risks.

Information life cycle management (ILM)

ILM is an approach to data and storage management that recognizes that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly. ILM seeks to classify data according to its business value and establish policies to migrate and store data on the appropriate storage tier and, ultimately, remove it altogether. ILM has evolved to include upfront initiatives like master data management and compliance.

AiNET introduces your ILM solution with ZSTOR —
ZSTOR is an advanced storage system that integrates our high integrity preservation technology suite, the Storage And Network Trust Arbiter (SANTA), to protect against silent corruption and other ILM risks in the following ways:

  • Automatic Detection of Errors, Corruption, Malware, Virus
  • Self Healing of Silent Corruption, Bit rot
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Geographical Diversity for Replication and Redundancy
  • High Robustness
  • Fixity (data doesn’t change even over years)
  • SHA-3, BLAKE, SKEIN hash/checksum
  • Data At Rest/Data In Motion Encryption
  • Hash collision protection (Salted Hash)
  • High Integrity

ZSTOR comes our newest feature — SANTA – an ILM Preservation suite that works day and night at checking your data not just twice – but continuously. The result is that your data will be safe and ready whenever you need it.

ZSTOR with SANTA is a comprehensive system for data storage, storage virtualization, replication, preservation, fixity and verification. This allows you and your organization to instantly access your critical data, across a wide array of platforms, anywhere in the world. Our object-based storage supports instant, scalable, multi-tenant, verified, global access, high integrity, robust recall and high security.

The Fixity Guarantee: With ZSTOR and SANTA your data is preserved and free of silent corruption throughout the entire ILM time period, exceeding even 20 years.




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