Data centers are the hub of the Internet and modern communications and commerce. Whether the facility is used for colocation, financial transactions, enterprise applications, cloud hosting or all of the above, the pace of today’s world and the high visibility of the slightest system anomaly can cost an organization millions in lost productivity and reputation.

Despite best design intentions to the contrary, there are classes of problems that affect power systems reliability in every critical power installation in the world. As a data center operator with a reputation and mission of reliability, AiNET recognized the problem and developed a solution – the AiNET Infraguard. The originality of the AiNET solution was recognized by the U.S. Patent Office by the award of U.S. Patent 7,962,772. International patents are pending.


Questions and Answers about the AiNET Infraguard

Is there an easy explanation of what the Infraguard does?

In short, the Infraguard ensures that backup power, the generator, engages when it’s critical that it do so. This is normally the role of the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), but the ATS only sees what’s in front of it. The Infraguard effectively covers the back end of brewing problems that blindside the ATS and the facility. Therefore, the Infraguard is an expert system that continuously monitors and analyzes power system data, and immediately makes expert decisions (e.g. fire-up and engage the generator!) when critical power is at risk. Therefore, it continuously and flawlessly automates a series of functions that an operator simply cannot replicate.

What kinds of problems afflict facilities where power is critical?

There are many failure mechanisms that are very subtle, but not infrequent, that  pass through the power system undetected, ultimately resulting in a power outage risk. Examples include certain patterns of lightning strikes and input voltage variations, loss of phase, UPS failure and others. These are discussed in the Infraguard White Paper and Presentation.

Many facilities made considerable investments in critical power delivery, what’s missing?

The Infraguard unifies the critical power delivery elements into a critical power delivery system. As such, the Infraguard monitors all power delivery elements and commands preemptive action when the system reaches a point of failure potential. It provides a level of guaranteed interaction and supervision that is not available from traditional (legacy) critical power delivery systems — including every non-AiNET facility built, designed or in operation today.

Does it matter that my data center already has redundant power?

The problems addressed by the Infraguard do not stem from a lack of redundancy; they stem from system-level shortcomings in failure and potential failure detection and management. Most critical facilities fail because components of their design fail to engage or fail to identify a trouble condition properly. The Infraguard provides the missing, critical, integration.

Will the Infraguard only be applicable to data centers?

The Infraguard is applicable in any critical power environment, not just data centers. This would include hospitals, transportation systems, public safety, etc. In addition, as a power management system, the Infraguard will find application in the management of hybrid traditional/renewable (green) power environments, including the residential market.

Where can I get Infraguard protection?

AiNET facilities are currently the only data centers with this essential level of protection.

How can I protect my current or future critical facility with the Infraguard?

AiNET will integrate the Infraguard into your current or future facility and work with your existing engineering firm(s). The AiNET Infraguard will be licensed for deployment in facilities worldwide requiring critical power (hospitals, data centers, military, tactical edge, etc.) Please contact AiNET for more information.

I have critical power equipment from different vendors, will the Infraguard work for my application?

Yes, the Infraguard can integrate with your homogenous or heterogeneous environment — no matter if your UPS is from Eaton, your generator(s) from Caterpillar, your transfer switch(es) from GE, or your building management system is from Siemens, the Infraguard can enhance your reliability. AiNET engineers will work with your facilities team to ensure a smooth installation and worry-free operation.

Where can I learn more about the AiNET Infraguard?

There is a free white paper and narrated presentation available. Please request this by entering your name and email below.



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