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All of our data centers are Carrier Neutral/Carrier Diverse, with huge potential for both colocation clients and internet service providers. Our tenants have access within our data centers to dozens of major national, international, and local carriers, meaning major flexibility in regards to technical demands and budgetary concerns.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) gain the flexibility to go to where their clients are, and our Carrier Neutral approach creates network diversity, as well as easy hand-offs between partners.
With multiple carrier hotels and network-neutral data centers to choose from, both network providers and colocation tenants benefit from diverse locations, flexible power monitoring plans, and world-class security and redundancy to support their business objectives.

In the spotlight: One Market Center, Baltimore

Our Baltimore carrier hotel, One Market Center (300 West Lexington Street) is Baltimore’s most interconnected building. Totaling 80 Megawatts of power, and over 150,000 rentable square feet of telecom, data center, and technical office space, One Market Center is the new regional standard for highly-connected, robust data centers.

Clients choose One Market Center to access world-class network providers such as Level 3, Zayo, Windstream, FiberLight, Verizon, and many more. One Market Center is connected to the world by nearly 10,000 miles of AiNET’s private, highly-secure high speed fiber optic network.

Boasting a Walkability score of 98%, strategically located on both Light Rail and Subway stations, One Market Center is a model for the 21st century connected urban work-space.

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