Execution. Trust. Vision.

AiNET is an award-winning IT services provider specializing in the integration of hybrid clouds, data center colocation and high speed fiber networks.

We help businesses secure their data, streamline their information technology systems, and modernize their infrastructure.

We do this because we understand your organization is using IT to drive your business goals: to mitigate risks to essential systems and data; to drive efficiencies; to meet compliance regulations; and to compete more effectively.

The AiNET Advantage

Our true advantage is the capability to link diverse IT services under one solution provider, bringing transparency to our clients while reducing complexity in their vendor landscape. We can provide direct paths into the data center, and seamless linkage to the cloud, creating a truly hybrid IT environment. The results eliminate finger-pointing and benefit our clients through ease of use, cost efficiencies and world-class hybrid IT systems… all backed by AiNET’s industry leading SLA.

We Understand the Challenges and Opportunities of the Digital Economy

What fundamentally differentiates AiNET from other service providers is the holistic way in which we understand and approach our clients’ information technology ecosystems.  While many service providers understand their silos, their limited service offerings limits their ability to create the solutions that will meaningfully, positively impact their clients’ business. AiNET can leverage our full suite of infrastructure services, including cloud, data center and network, to craft solutions for our clients that allow them to unlock the full potential of IT to solve their business goals. Digitization and the incredible complexity and velocity of the digital economy present businesses with many challenges and opportunities… what is your service provider doing to help you to prepare?

Our Keyboard-to-Cloud Service Offerings

AiNET offers world-class managed and infrastructure services in the form of data center colocation, lit and dark fiber networks, and hybrid cloud solutions. We integrate these service offerings in order to help our clients solve business challenges. Data center colocation helps clients create production and disaster recovery sites that are highly redundant and highly secure, ensuring continuity of operations even in the event of emergency and natural disasters. We build fiber networks to provide our clients the agility to pick their path, and to give the speed and stable connections they need to support high bandwidth apps and big data. Our hybrid clouds help clients to efficiently scale storage, network and compute, and to bridge legacy IT systems that still have a role to play in their organizations.

AiNET Client Value System

Every engagement with every client is important to us. Our clients choose us because they know what to expect from AiNET: they get a holistic, long-term VISION brought to their solutions; they get impeccable EXECUTION on every project; and they get a partner with whom they can TRUST their mission-critical IT systems. These principles guide our every project and relationship, and create a reinforcing circuit of value to our clients. They become clients because they see our vision, they are impressed by the way we execute on their project, and they then see us a partner who they can entrust with their IT projects for years to come.


For over 25 years, AiNET has worked hard to remain at the forefront of the IT services industry. Through pioneering hosted solutions early in our history, to the AiNET patented technologies that underpin our highly reliable, highly secure data center and cloud services today, AiNET has always looked over the horizon to the next, cutting-edge set of solutions that can help our clients to streamline their IT systems, reduce costs, and turbocharge their businesses.


AiNET is a company of craftsmen. We give our all to every project we engage in, bringing a relentless dedication to doing the job right so that our clients can rest easy, and focus on what it is their business does best. Our uncompromising commitment to providing quality results to our clients is what has made AiNET one of the most recommended IT service providers in the industry.


We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses. We are a partner to them, a trusted voice at the table, helping them to direct their IT spend in ways in which they will derive long-term value, drive efficiencies, and overcome the technology hurdles that will allow them to grow.

Mission Statement

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