Not your average data center

It’s about more than just pipe, power, and ping. AiNET has a created a whole new way to look at data centers – we add value by packaging services, network, and computing so that your IT budget goes farther and with greater outcomes.

With over half a million square feet of data center and technical office space spread across four locations, no project is too large for our team. Our compliance-ready multi-tenant data centers offer the highest levels of connectivity, efficiency, and security at scale that can be right-sized to meet your organization’s colocation needs.

Our approach to the data center is holistic, and we wholly own our locations, from the dirt all the way up. With patented innovations in power, cooling, and storage, that means our data centers are designed and operated in accordance with all best practices… and a few new ones on the cutting edge as well.

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More secure, more reliable

Our data centers are all connected by our privately owned, low-latency fiber optic network, creating highly redundant, high-availability colocation environments for our clients. We’re so confident our data centers are the most secure and reliable that we offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

In fact, our data centers are so reliable that many clients choose to collocate not only their IT hardware but their offices as well. Ask us today about NOC/SOC and technical office space buildouts at any of our four locations.

Our dirt-to-data approach

We know that the customer experience is extremely important to our clients, and we don’t want to leave any part of that experience to chance or third parties. That’s why we wholly own our data centers, from the dirt they’re built on all the way up the stack. That means we can better control service delivery timelines. It means we can guarantee a meaningful SLA. That we can provide total ROI visibility, as well as compliance and monitoring. And it means that we can provide an unparalleled level of customization and simplicity.

Most importantly, it allows us to help you break out of the patchwork quilt environment that so many IT systems have become, and modernize your IT infrastructure to meet the demands and capitalize on the opportunities of modern business.

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