Fiber connectivity is absolutely essential for all disaster recovery / readiness (DR/COOP) activities and, increasingly, day-to-day connectivity and diversity functions. Robust, diverse fiber connections between colocation data centers, customer sites, carrier hotels and secure information repositories are essential for Big Data, data warehousing and modern secure transaction processing.

By virtue of its own DWDM networks in the Washington, DC region, AiNET can offer fiber-based circuit connectivity, wavelengths, dark fiber or even new dark/private fiber network builds as your needs demand.

AiNET’s DWDM networks are designed to full BellCore/Telcordia physical separation standards of all redundant network elements.

This network supports and enables a wide variety of services:

• Dark Fiber and Lit Fiber available
• IP and Transport – 1000 Megabit (Gigabit Ethernet) to 100 Gigabit Ethernet
•    Fiber Channel / FICON Transport
•    Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, TSaaS (Trusted Storage as a Service)
•    ISP Services with Multiple Tier 1 Providers and BGP
•    Server Load Balancing
•    Global IP Load Balancing
•    DNS Services
•    Backup SMTP Services
•    Active Directory DR Services
•    Data Replication from Gigabytes to Petabytes
•    VOIP and Voice Recovery Services

AiNET continuously adds buildings to its new fiber network in downtown Washington, DC. This network will directly connect much of the downtown central business district to AiNET’s regional fiber network.

A network in the Baltimore region, including Baltimore city center, Reisterstown and Towson, Glen Burnie and Ft Meade is significantly underway.