Many organizations and agencies have multiple data centers, even though a smaller number would be sufficient. This situation may be the result of one or more task/mission acquisitions that bring new data centers into the network. Because those data centers support the mission’s systems and processes, it is often easier to leave them operational, and over time the number of data centers proliferates.

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (Federal Data Center Consolidation (DCCI) Frequently Asked Questions) is an effort to save agencies hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure and operational costs. Of the Government’s over 2,094 data centers, over 137 are targeted for consolidation initially. Agencies challenged with out dated or under capacity facilities can leverage AiNET’s infrastructure and virtualization expertise to consolidate and better fund high priority projects; AiNET turnkey data centers allow your Agency immediate availability with little-to-no capital expense.

The need to reduce IT operating costs continues to drive consolidation of the highly distributed, complex data centers. Consolidation promises to:

  • Cut energy consumption and the related costs,
  • Reduce management overhead,
  • Make data and network security easier to implement and oversee,
  • Ease IT compliance,
  • Even reduce server and software costs — particularly in relation to their networking infrastructures.

The Federal Government will mandate the closure of at least 1,000 datacenters. Federal IT managers surveyed estimate their computing needs will increase by 37% over the next five years. Moreover, they estimate their data centers will need to be scaled up by 34% to meet their growing needs. Agencies must shrink and grow at the same time.

With the increasing complexity of datacenters, virtualization and application integrity, these consolidation plans may be challenged. AiNET’s turnkey datacenter solutions provide increased density and improved energy efficiency, while providing provably secure facilities and staff to meet your agency’s mission.

Using innovative vehicles like the DOE’s Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), AiNET can assist agencies to benefit from significant energy and cost savings opportunities with no upfront capital costs and without special congressional appropriations.

Moving beyond simple consolidation, AiNET will work with your Agency to establish a service catalog (e.g. ITIL), service levels and pricing mechanism for implementing and managing tiers and types of service across the various processing needs. The unit of purchase will better match the unit of consumption. IT won’t consume a data center; rather it will order it by services and transactions.

With its nearly 20 years of expertise, AiNET can provide your agency with an entire migration strategy, and implementation and testing process using BBP, BCP, STIG, and certified methodologies.