Businesses across sectors are adopting a cloud-first strategy to make the most out of modern technology. Cloud offers several business benefits to organizations, including scalability, cost savings, improved productivity, and reliability. 
When talking about cloud computing solutions, the first name that comes to mind is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many of the world’s leading companies host their data on this cloud computing platform that claims to be the “world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.”

AWS is undoubtedly one of the most trusted cloud computing platforms, but is it the most cost-effective one? Do start-ups and small and medium-sized companies benefit equally from AWS as the big enterprises? Let’s dig in.

What Makes AWS So Expensive?

Your AWS monthly bill includes the cumulative cost of data transfer. This aspect is often overlooked while approximating the total cost, mainly because Amazon hides its data transfer cost during the signing of the contract. Furthermore, various types of data transfers have different rates and stipulations. It makes it even more challenging to track the bill.

In general, inbound data transfers are free. However, inter-Region and inter-Availability Zone data transfers add to your bill as these transfers are metered per Gigabyte. 

The pricing model for AWS data transfer is incredibly complex. The price differs depending on the AWS region, as each region has different rates for transferring data within it and outside of it. The cost also varies based on whether the data stays inside the AWS cloud infrastructure or goes out to the public internet. Several other factors also impact the cost of data transfer within or outside the AWS cloud.     

What’s The Alternative?

You can try minimizing the data transfer cost by implementing a few measures, such as choosing the right AWS region, keeping your data within the same region and Availability Zone, optimizing Amazon CloudFront, etc. However, remember none of these measures are full-proof, and it requires a lot of effort to meticulously plan the whole architecture

The planning is especially challenging for start-ups and SMBs who have limited resources at their disposal. The best solution is to opt for a cloud computing platform with a more straightforward pricing structure.

Service providers like AiNET offer customized cloud computing solutions suitable for all sizes of businesses. You can also go for a hybrid model if that suits your need. The best thing is, right from the time of signing the contract, you know what to expect and how much to pay for that service. You do not have to speculate on the cost as everything is explained with much clarity. All you will have to do is to let us know your requirement. Our team of experts will work with you to plan a solution tailor-made for your business. 

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